Ecover Switch To iShares Cup with Mike Golding 1

Ecover, ecological cleaning and washing products manufacturer, and long time sponsor of Mike Golding is backing a new campaign for the sailor, on an eXtreme 40 in the iShares Cup. The move is significant for sailing and event organisers – sending a clear message that value for money and return on investment are key drivers. Team Gitana have also swapped their Open 60 for the cheaper, more entertainment based package offered by OC Events.

Mike Bremans, Managing Director of Ecover was quoted by Cowes Online as saying:

The partnership with Mike Golding Yacht Racing over the last eight years has delivered consistent results and it has been a strong business and marketing investment for Ecover. Success on the water through the IMOCA campaigns has related to equal success off the water. However after eight years supporting the IMOCA Open 60 we decided to look at what other properties in the sport of sailing were available to further develop the Ecover brand. The iShares Cup works really well for us in terms of exposure, accessibility, and venues throughout Europe.

Everyone at Ecover continues to be very proud of Mike’s achievements and we are looking forward to an exciting season ahead with the Extreme 40

It’s not surprising to us, that sponsors are taking the eXtreme 40 option. Tornado Sport have provided a turn-key product that compared to an OPEN 60 is cheap. A competitive campaign can be run for a season for the same price as  the mast, boom and rigging of an Open 60. Compared to a relatively ‘light’ calandar for the big offshore boats in 2009, the iShares Cup will visit six key European markets.

Mike Golding at least wants to keep the offshore dream alive, so while he will be the face of the Ecover eXtreme 40 program, he now has find someone to fund his Vendee Globe 2012 aspirations.

It has been a great partnership over the past eight years and I am very pleased to be sailing once again under the banner of Ecover, this time in an Extreme 40. With the IMOCA calendar being very light this year, it was a good opportunity to step into a new arena and provide Ecover with a great sailing platform for them to promote their brand across Europe.

“I am however still fully committed to compete in IMOCA circuit events and aim to find sponsors to take the Open 60 forwards towards the Vendée Globe in 2012. To me this remains unfinished business and we have already begun talking to potential new sponsors for our IMOCA 60 yacht.

The iShares Cup will begin in Venice on the weekend of 15-17 May.

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