IMOCA Appoint Portas Consulting for Class Audit

Portas Consulting, an independent sports business consultancy, has been employed by IMOCA to carry out an audit of the Class and to feed back strategic organisation and commercial advice. The news comes before the IMOCA AGM being held in Barcelona.

IMOCA members and associated parties such as race organisers, sponsors, and boat designers will be asked to discuss the current issues, the direction and future of the Class.

The AGM will be preceded today by several workshops focusing on safety, Class rules, and general organisation of the Class.

Over the course of the past two months, the IMOCA Executive Committee and many sub committees have been meeting on a regular basis and have reached an advanced stage of work to present to its members.

IMOCA President Dominique Wavre set the scene:

“We have already consulted many relevant parties regarding changes that we know need to happen. We know we need to change to adapt to the new economic world and the Class needs to continue to evolve in a professional way. The Vendée Globe taught us many lessons. We have been looking very closely at the Class rules and the race programme.”

Dominique went on to describe his hopes for the forthcoming AGM:

“Tomorrow’s meeting will focus on how to protect the existing fleet and to supervise any future builds; on how to limit the fleet’s costs and to discuss what rules need to be modified. We will concentrate on the technical elements, the Class rules and of course safety remains our main priority. Tomorrow will not bring us a definitive set of Class rules or changes, but it will be a good start of an ongoing process.”