K-Challenge Prepared For a Long Wait With a Varied Programme

While we wait for the billionaires to decide what happens next in the America’s Cup, K-Challenge, one of the French contenders has vowed to stick it out.

K-Challenge, has carried on after it first participated between 2004 and 2007. The team had considered the possibility of BMW ORACLE winning the court case and have made arragements to ensure continuity for the team.

Stephane Kandler, K-Challenge’s CEO:

This situation had to come to an end, and this is now done. May the best win on the water. The America’s Cup is an historical event, and it has come through a lot of similar situations in the past, we mustn’t forget that.

It will come out even stronger out of that. In the meantime, the K-Challenge Sailing Team has already chosen to use the time given to work with the new generation which will challenge in the next America’s Cup. This is a new approach, that we never had the chance to benefit from in France in this mythical competition, and we will work more than ever to catch it! We absolutely need to have a long term vision if we want to win this competition one day, and this is for that reason we’ve never stopped fighting with my team in 8 years!”

The sailing team lead by Sebastien Col will continue racing. The programme will allow the team to take part in the next multi-challengers America’s Cup with a new generation of team members with a strong common experience.

The team is considering taking part to the Tour de France à la Voile as soon as possible in order to reinforce its programme. The Tour is useful for meeting and testing many crew members.

The team is also examining other projects on top level circuits, in order to reinforce its 2010 programme, still with the America’s Cup as a ultimate goal.

K-Challenge owns a 24m Version 5 America’s Cup Class boat, and all the required infrastructure, which are ideal and unique tools in France to train a team towards the America’s Cup.