Mass Media Opportunity for UK Sailing?

The Royal Southern Yacht Club is offering the chance for one lucky sailor to swap life on the seas for the grim reality of Weatherfield, Britain’s favourite soap town.

A walk-on part in hit soap Coronation Street will be auctioned after it was donated by show favourite and former Bursledon resident Craig Charles, best known for playing Dave Lister in cult comedy Red Dwarf.

It’s all for charity, the prize will be available for auction at the yacht club’s upcoming gala night in aid of services charity Help For Heroes.

It’s a great idea, but sailing might have missed a trick here. Having a Royal Southern member appear in Corrie is one thing, but imagine the PR sailing could get if Dee Caffari or Steve White or Ben Ainslie walked on as themselves.

It’s rare that sailing gets such an opportunity to break out of the realm of niche sport and into the conciousness of the masses. Sailing sponsorship gurus and PR folk of the UK take note!