Quantum Model For Defending the Audi Med Cup.

Quantum Racing is relatively unique in the pro-sailing world. It is hard to think of any other sailing brand that competes as a manufacturer in their own right. Unlike Formula One or MotoGP where Toyota compete as Toyota and Yamaha compete as Yamaha, sailing manufacturers would rather sell their kit to someone who wants to go racing, but not actually lend their name to it.

Reigning Audi MedCup champions Quantum Racing are about to embark on the challenge of becoming the first crew ever to successfully defend the MedCup TP52 title.

Quantum Racing’s skipper-helm Terry Hutchinson and crew are already doing their utmost to unfold a programme which will give them the best possible chance of becoming the first team yet to win the Circuit two year in succession.

The hull shape and keel of the Botin Carkeek designed Quantum Racing remain unchanged on last year, other than small refinements and some structural improvements.

Their main strategy has been to continue to get more speed from the ‘aero package’ – the rig and sails.

US Sailor of the Year, Terry Hutchinson said:

“We have sailed for twelve days now in Valencia and it was all good. I think I made a comment to someone that it is nerve racking because everything is going so smoothly, and so you kind of wonder what is out there that we are missing, but we have an extra 14 months with the boat under our belts as we start this season, and that makes a big difference.”

“It is always a little bit of a war of attrition. It is not necessarily the races that you win, but those that maybe you get round the top mark in 10th and then get a fifth from which are important. It is about keeping yourself in the hunt until the end of the series.”

Hutchinson and the team were a formidable force in 2008 and all the signs are that they will be equally tough to beat on this 2009 Audi MedCup Circuit.