Inside the DARK BLUE BOOK.

The innaugual DARK BLUE BOOK is getting closer to being a reality. The directory of the Yacht Racing industy’s who’s who, released a sneak preview image on their website yesterday.


Pilote Media CEO and Editor of the book says:

It’s great to see the project finally coming together. We’re a week or so behind schedule, but the result will be worth it. Having never done it before, we are learning just what a large undertaking it is.

The DARK BLUE BOOK is destined to become the business community’s resource of choice for the sport of Yacht Racing. Containing information about teams, owners, sponsors and suppliers the book includes direct contact details of some of the industry’s most influential people.

David commented:

“It’s hard to believe that I had this idea in October last year. We’ve had great support from many people in the industry who see that a directory like this helps to position sailing as a professional sport that is capable of competing for investment and sponsorship against more well understood platforms.”

“We hope that this resource will help teams, race organisers and rights holders to position themselves to sponsors in a tough time. It provides a great companion for networking as well.”

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