Ishares Cup 2009 Launches in Paris.

Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co

Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co

The 2009 iShares Cup schedule has finally been confirmed with Cowes and Amsterdam named as the venues for the UK and Netherlands. The cup was officially launched in Paris on Tuesday with the Extreme 40s sailing on the River Seine, though due to lack of space and wind, they didn’t really show what these incredible boats can do.

The cup skippers were on hand including Nick Moloney (BT), Mike Golding (Ecover), Yann Guichard (Gitana Extreme – Groupe LCF Rothschild), Franck Cammas (Groupama), Loick Peyron (Oman Sail’s Renaissance), Carolijn Brouwer (Holmatro), Shirley Robertson (iShares), Erik Maris (LUNA), Pete Cumming (Oman Sail’s Masirah) as well as John Kostecki, representing skipper James Spithill, from BMW ORACLE Racing.

Rick Andrews, Head of iShares Marketing, Europe said,

“As the title partner to the iShares Cup, we have had a great two years so far and are looking forward to the third season of the Extreme 40 Series which we are sure will go to another level in terms of sporting competiveness and reaching an even wider audience. It’s a great experience; for our clients to go out racing on the boats is really exceptional experience, the media coverage provides a great return – we even have a 60-foot billboard out racing on the water, so we are very happy. The iShares Cup is about teamwork, strategy and passion – that’s what we believe in at iShares. To lead from the front, promoting cutting edge competition and a global presence – this sport and our business are well-matched.”

The skippers are all ready to go

Franck Cammas, Groupama 40:

I first discovered the iShares Cup in Marseille two years ago. I find it amazing straight away. The boats are fast and extreme, the venues are amazing and you can share all that with the public which is just a couple of meters away from the race course. We all have a lot of fun and I’m really glad that Groupama wanted to get involved.

Yann Guichard, Gitana Extreme 40 – Groupe LCF

…When we proposed the iShares Cup project to the Baron de Rothschild he was really enthusiastic and we just decide to do it and join this amazing event and line up.

Loick Peyron, Renaissance (Oman Sail):

I’m really glad to participate in the iShares Cup this season. The format of mixing the sport of sailing and the public is fantastic. The Extreme 40, well, it’s a perfect name for the boat! They are perfect to deliver a close and crazy show to the public.

Nick Moloney, BT:

…for me, Loick Peyron and Franck Cammas are the two biggest threats on the circuit this season down to their pure knowledge of racing multihulls.

Pete Cumming, Masirah (Oman Sail):

…One of the key objectives of Oman Sail is to reignite the country’s maritime heritage and to inspire Omanis to take up the sport of sailing.

Carolijn Brouwer, Holmatro:

I competed in the circuit in 2007 but not in 2008 as I was competing in the Olympic Tornado class but, for sure, the level has sky-rocketed since I started in the Extreme 40 class.

Shirley Robertson, iShares:

…The calibre of sailors just gets better and the venues just get smaller – it’s going to be an interesting iShares Cup this year!

Mike Golding, Ecover:

…there really is not other circuit that exists in our sport like this one with such an eclectic mix of sailors on one race course. It’s the perfect fit for Ecover and it goes to every target market so a great corporate fit.

John Kostecki, BMW ORACLE Racing:

It’s important to be the best we can be and we’ll be racing against the top field here.

2009 Venues iShares Cup Extreme 40 Sailing Series:
Event 1 – Venice, Italy, 15th to 17th May
Event 2 – Hyères-TPM, France, 3rd to 5th July
Event 3 – Cowes, United Kingdom, 1st to 3rd August
Event 4 – Kiel, Germany, 28th to 30th August
Event 5 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25th to 27th September
Event 6 – Almería, Andalucía, 10th to 12th October