World Match Racing Tour Talks to Ross Munro.

a-mrt-line7The World Match Racing Tour issues a regular magazine which is a great way of giving a casual fan access to the series. The June issue features some great material including interviews with the competitors about each other. It’s a nice touch that helps to build the athletes as characters and making it easier to build fan bases. The June issue of the magazine also includes an interview with Ross Munro, founder and CEO of Line 7 clothing.

WMRT: Tell us a about Line 7and the history of the company?

Line 7 began life in 1963 making wet weather clothing for sailors. New Zealand’s high rainfall and harsh conditions made it the perfect testing grounds. Sailors soon noted the quality and performance and
Line 7’s reputation for outstanding clothing spread rapidly to marina’s around the world. Wherever New Zealand sailors have made history Line 7 has been there with them. The America’s Cup, Round the World Yacht Races and Olympic Games are but a few of the success stories. Line 7’s main sporting partnership is our association with Emirates Team New Zealand who we work closely with to develop product.

WMRT: What are the benefits of sponsorship within sailing to Line 7?

Sailing sends great messages about enjoying our life out on the water. When you are enjoying your time on the water, you need clothing which is suitable for the environment to maximise your enjoyment. This is where we come in and is the connection which we looking for through sponsoring sailing. Line 7 has an unwavering commitment to the sport of sailing and in particular the grass roots of the sport.

What was the first sailing event or Team you sponsored?

Line 7 was on Courageous back in the 1977 America’s Cup and has been on prominent America’s Cup boats since including Australia 2, KZ7 Kiwi Magic & Emirates Team New Zealand . Previous to that Line 7 sponsored the kiwi boat Rainbow 11 which won the 1967 one ton cup with Chris Bouzaid and his team. However our most prominent team we have sponsored and continue to is Emirates Team New Zealand.

WMRT: What drew you to being involved with the Tour?

Line 7 has been supporting some of Australia and New Zealand’s best up and coming sailing talent in the form of Black Match and Mirsky Racing Team as we see it as important to support the new wave of sailing talent in our part of the world to ensure that they succeed. The World Match Race Tour provides the vehicle where this young talent can compete against the experienced campaigners thus creating a circuit which can provide pathways for sailors into the world of the America’s Cup.

WMRT: Out of all the skippers that participate on the Tour why did you choose to sponsor Adam Minoprio and Torvar Mirsky?

As mentioned both of these teams are from our part of the world – New Zealand & Australia so it is natural that we want to support our two top teams as they take on the world. Aside from that, the guys in both of the teams are totally dedicated & committed to succeed. This only inspires others to get into the sport of sailing which is the ultimate aim. The guys help us in our product development for our Marine Technical product which goes a long way to keeping us at the leading edge of the sailing clothing game.

WMRT: How does it feel to see the Young Guns (Mirsky and Minoprio) progress over the past couple of years?

Well it is quite funny because Adam has been supported by Line 7 for a number of years in New Zealand and Torvar has come on the scene in the past few years after I came into contact with their team in Australia. As a result, Pat and I have the odd bet to see who will win between the Aussies and Kiwi’s… fortunately it’s pretty even! And the guys have been performing remarkably well to become two of the strongest teams on the Tour which gives us great satisfaction. It is great for Line 7 particularly in assisting us obtain exposure for our
Marine Technical product.

WMRT: What other sailing projects are you involved with?

As mentioned we have our continuing association with Emirates Team New Zealand and this year they are embarking on a different challenge in the form of the
Audi Med Cup TP52 circuit. This is exciting for us as it is great to have the guys out on the water again after the successful LV Pacific Series. In addition to that we are heavily involved with the Sir Peter Blake Trust which was formed in honour of the late Sir Peter Blake. The Trust’s motto is “good water good life” and it is all about cleaning up the oceans which we play on

Read this and other articles in the June Edition of the World Match Racing Tour Magazine.