The World Match Racing Tour is in Sweden this week and so are we. Match Cup Sweden means a visit to Marstrand, as one of the oldest events on the Tour gets ready for its 15th anniversary on this picturesque island north of Gothenburg.Event management company Brandspot has a long term agreement with GKSS, the commercial rights holders of the event. GKSS still owns the event name and is responsible for the sports arrangements during the championship.

Despite tough economic conditions, the organisers say that all sponsors from 2007 have chosen to continue their engagement in Match Cup Sweden, and one of the partners, Onico, has stepped up to become the event’s Trophy Sponsor.

Having hosted the Volvo Ocean Race on a mini-stopover several weeks ago, Marstrand is becoming the new meeting spot for Sweden’s leading corporations and their clients. Some 6,500 corporate guests have been invited to Match Cup Sweden with different arenas allowing sponsors to host meetings. The Business Lounge provides a first class view of the racing arena.

As well as corporate and spectator support, the media interest is very high. Last year 69 Swedish and international journalists, photograpers, radio and TV-teams covered the event.

Peter Klock, Mangaging Director of GKSS said:

“We are very proud and pleased that the event that GKSS founded in 1994 further has strengthened its position as one of the best match racing events in the world.

Jan Torstenson, Managing Director at Brandspot adds:

Our goal is to establish Match Cup Sweden as one of the very large international events in Sweden, together with our athletes and strong sponsoring companies

YACHTSPONSORSHIP.COM will be in Marstrand from Wednesday. As well as the official channels, we will be sending twitter updates via our feed at – though due to Vodafone’s high data roaming charges it may not be as frequent as we would like.

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