Are You-Tube Views More Valuable Than TV?

We’re big fans of the Row Show. If you haven’t seen it, its a video podcast that gives some great insights into the place where sports marketing and new media collide. While the examples are American and focus on big ‘N’ sports like NFL, NBA etc, there are some fascinating facts in the latest episode.

According to the Row Show, Hulu (which is like You-tube but for copyrighted material) is getting higher advertising rates than ‘normal’ television. This is because of the fact that watching video online is an active decision. It is far more likely that someone watching video online has searched for it and is watching it because they want to, not just because it is on. There is also less chance that it is ‘just on in the background.’

Last year, we followed up on Seiko’s sponsorship of the 49er class. Seiko’s goals were not to reach millions of people, but to personalise their message to an identified audience. In the world of shared, embedded video – the exposure is tangible. Take the video below as an example. As of this morning, it had been viewed 644 times. That’s 644 people who have either stumbled across the video, but more likely have been reccomended it by someone they trust or have actively searched for it.

Watch the video and have a think about the brand that gets the best results. There will be a test afterwards. 😉