Alinghi 5 On the Water.


No matter what your opinions of  AC33, or multihulls, or the personalities of the remaining teams, it’s hard not to be impressed by a 90ft catamaran flying a hull. Apparently, hundreds of specatators were on hand in Le Bouveret, Switzerland for the maiden sail of Alinghi 5 on Lake Geneva yesterday. The images, by Carlo Borlenghi play tricks with the eye – the scale of the boat is almost impossible to imagine, even with the crew abpard to give perspective.

a-alinghi5-2Murray Jones, who is running the initial trials of the giant multihull that represents a first step in the development process towards the 33rd America’s Cup, gave his comments on a good first day on the water:

“We went out this morning with a list of objectives to work through: testing the boat, checking the structure, doing some manoeuvres and seeing if the sails would all sheet and it went pretty well; we ticked off just about everything. There are a lot of systems on the boat that are complicated and new, but it was fantastic. To fly the boat upwind and downwind with gennaker was awesome for the first day of sailing. The boat is a tribute to the designers and the boat builders. To deliver a boat of this complexity that works straight out of the box on the first day is impressive; really impressive.”

Grant Simmer, design team coordinator, was observing the trials from a RIB:

“It’s been a good day, we had a list of things we wanted to tick off and we took it slowly and carefully and have finished the day achieving all those things. It was exciting to see the boat sailing for the first time after so much time designing, boat building, sail making and spar making; seeing all those bits come together and seeing the machine working is great! We’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

Alinghi 5 First Sail Video

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