Bright Forensics Sponsors Sailing For European Exposure.

Last week in Gothenberg I spent the day with the General Manager of one of the town’s professional basketball teams. It doesn’t matter what the sport is or where you are, the issues facing those who are trying to raise sponsorship in order to support a commercial business model are the same.

For many, stories of sponsorship from huge multinational brands, although interesting, are difficult to relate to. We go to conferences or read magazine articles about how huge, nationally recognised sports and teams do multimillion dollar deals with brands that are household names, but it doesn’t help us much.

There are thousands of companies out there. Each has a market that they want to promote to. Each has an audience that they want to be in front of. They might be in an industry that you have never heard of. They might have a factory down the road that you never knew exisited, but all such companies are potential sponsors, if your program matches their marketing goals.

Take Bright Forensics. Far from a household name the company describes itself as a specialist partner of some of the worlds leading e-Discovery, Incident Response and Computer Forensics vendors, bringing together industry leading applications and blending these into solutions for Law Enforcement and Commercial organizations alike.

The company will sponsor Nigel King on his La Solitaire campaign. Bright Forensics has taken advantage of the opportunity to reach into Europe via branding and awareness of Nigel’s participation in this significant sailing event.

As well as their company title appearing on the boat, Nigel’s vehicle will feature the Bright Forensics logo, along with those of his longer standing sponsorship agreements.

Matthew Furneaux, Managing Director of Bright Forensics commented,

“We are thrilled to be involved with Nigel’s Solitaire campaign. As a business we strive to achieve excellence for our clients through focus, endeavour and teamwork. Nigel exemplifies all these qualities and it makes perfect sense for us to be associated with him. Commercially, the massive interest shown in the Solitaire series in France and across the continent makes it the perfect platform for us to promote our brand in these target markets.”

Bright Forensics will sit alongside the likes of Dean and Reddyhoff, Dimension Polyant, Dubarry, Harken, Expedition and Scott Bailey. This range of backing clearly demonstrates the variety of companies seizing the chance to support Nigel and participate in what promises to be another exciting adventure.

Everyone will be able to enjoy La Solitaire with Nigel as his upgraded website will show leg by leg footage shot from a mounted camera on the deck.

Nigel said:

“Overall we are in good shape. I am delighted to have signed a further sponsor at this stage. It shows that interest in sailing sponsorship remains high, due to the exceptional positive exposure it delivers.”