Nautor’s Swan Sponsor New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup.

Mass-market yacht manufacturers are having a hard time at the moment, so it’s not fair to kick them while they are down, but we still have a niggling question as to why they don’t do more to support racing. Seems to us that there are some great opportunities to create ‘factory teams’ the way they do in Motorsport.

That said, some manufacturers are involved in racing and the New York Yacht Club has announced that Nautor’s Swan has become an official sponsor of the New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup.

Billed as world-class, Corinthian sailing – 19 yacht club teams from 14 countries will compete aboard one-design NYYC Swan 42s.

Event Chair John Mendez says:

“The agreement is a natural extension of a pioneering partnership between NYYC and Nautor’s Swan to develop a one-design for racing. The Invitational Cup would not have been possible without the support of the Swan 42 Class and its owners who made their yachts available for charter. The regatta reflects perfectly the philosophy of the NYYC Swan 42 Class: to foster high level sailing competition between predominantly amateur yachtsmen.”

Nautor Group Marketing Director Enrico Chieffi echoed Mendez’s comments.

“For us at Nautor’s Swan it is a great honor to build the Swan 42 as the NYYC One Design of the 21st Century. The Invitational Cup enhances the spirit of the partnership between NYYC and Nautor’s Swan. To have the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world competing aboard Swan 42s reflects the Corinthian spirit of both the Swan 42 Class and the event, as well as Nautor’s Swan philosophy of sailing and racing.”

All good, but here’s the thing – we have tried all kinds of research to try and work out what the derivation of ‘Corinthian’ and ‘Corinthian Spirit’ is with regards to amateurism in sport. Most people are happy with the definition – involving or displaying the highest standards of sportsmanship – but we can’t find the reason why Corinth is so special. Ideas on a twitter or below please…