Radio is Dead. Long Live Radio. Cowes Radio, the Fan’s Friend.

Now you might think that given our promotion of all things web and digital that we wouldn’t care about something as ‘old fashioned’ as radio. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The internet and all things social media take radio and make it interactive, global and incredibly powerful. The biggest thing that radio has over all other modern media, is that you don’t need to use your eyes. You don’t need to have your head buried in your mobile phone screen or require the use of mouse or keyboard.

Radio is perfect then as a mechanism to broadcast your sporting event to a massive audience, who can consume it while doing almost anything – whether they are sitting in the car, walking around the hardware store or attending the event. Add the ability to text, email or twitter the studio and you have an interactive media that provides the perfect compliment to any sport.

As a spectator at Cowes, the event would be almost non-sensical without the award-winning special events radio station, Cowes Radio. This year, they will once again be broadcasting a mix of top-class regatta information and entertainment programmes on 87.7 FM during this year’s Cowes Week regatta.

And in case you haven’t got a phone, FM radio, mp3 player with radio reception or you aren’t on the green next to the PA, you can tune in via the internet at

Station Director, Steve Ancsell, always looks forward to Cowes Week, saying that despite the very long hours the team puts in, it really is worth it when you get emails in from around the world from people listening online from somewhere in the back of beyond.

“When anyone first tunes in and hears the familiar voices of Dick Johnson on the commentary boat and Simon Vigar on the Platform, somehow they feel the regatta has really started for them, wherever they may be!”

This year, Cowes Radio will also provide the live commentary for the UK round of the iShares Cup being held during Cowes Week from 1st-3rd August along the shoreline off the Green and Egypt Point for maximum spectator impact.