BMW ORACLE Official Event Keeps Sponsors Happy.

With the legal proceedings coming to an end, BMW ORACLE have held an event for sponsors which the press release describes as the “first official presentation of the team.” For readers of this site, there was no real news – the biggest story of the day was that BMW ORACLE have confirmed that Australian James Spithill will helm the trimaran USA for the Deed of Grudge Match in February.

From an outsider’s point of view, it was a typically corporate kind of show. Although the public had been invited, they were excluded from the event itself but according to the PR people – “The public enjoyed the show from the adjacent public area behind the Convention Center.” Sentiment monitoring of Twitter shows some dissent from that view, so perhaps there was a miscommunication about what the event was all about and who it was for.

Several of the VIP Guests sent a Twitpic or two and one uploaded a video to YouTube: – otherwise, the press swallowed the headline about the helmsman.

Journalists had the opportunity to ask questions during part of the event – the video of that is below…

There’s also a catchy little happy smiley vid on the BMW ORACLE Racing website. – kids jumping on the trampoline etc, (we’d share it here, but there is no embed code available).

So as we said yesterday – the battle for hearts and minds is on. Arguably it is more important for BMW ORACLE as the perception of their sponsors’ brands are at stake, but both sides will be trying to use whatever communications tricks they have to build up to February.