Hublot Sign Up to Sponsor Alinghi. Let the Watch Wars Begin.

Watchmakers and sailing sponsorship go hand in hand so it is no surprise that Alinghi, Defender of the 33rd America’s Cup has today announced Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, as a team sponsor for the 33rd America’s Cup.

Alinghi president Ernesto Bertarelli and Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver held a joint presentation at the Alinghi base in Genoa, Italy to celebrate their constant pursuit of precision and excellence.

Bertarelli said:

“I am often asked ‘what is more important the technology or the people?’ and I always say that there is no technology without people and the partnership that we are announcing today symbolises exactly this sentiment. Welcoming Hublot – and more importantly Jean-Claude to the team as a Sponsor is a tribute to the fact that technology is about the people; those that understand what it means. I welcome them into the Alinghi family and onboard for the 33rd America’s Cup.”

Jean-Claude Biver comments on a ‘fusion’ of two leading Swiss brands:

“We were lucky enough to admire Alinghi 5 as it was launched and again when it sailed for the very first time on Lake Geneva. It is a fabulous boat and a culmination of Swiss savoir-faire with 200 Swiss providers playing their part in the construction. Alinghi 5 merits its Swiss Made label. The Swiss people have showed enormous support and enthusiasm for the team and I am among them. I am especially proud that Hublot is the first brand to become one of the principal sponsors in this formidable adventure and I am delighted to be able to help Switzerland win the America’s Cup again, this time against the Americans.”

Bertarelli and Biver - Courtesy Guido Trombetta/Alinghi

Bertarelli and Biver - Courtesy Guido Trombetta/Alinghi