Portimão Global Ocean Race Announced for 2011-12

Class 40 has been tipped as the next big thing for Ocean Racing for a while now – a stepping stone to the expensive elite Open 60 boats. Over 90 Class 40 boats are scattered around the world and the first ‘World Championship’ was held in the UK last week.

Still, Class 40 hasn’t really captured the imagination, is often completely overshadowed by the Open 60 class and doesn’t have the pedigree of some other classes. For example – the new Artemis Ocean Racing line up includes a Mini Campaign and a Figaro Campaign but the Class 40 is missing from the portfolio.

Nevertheless, there is a hard-core fanbase of people who want to make the class succeed. Josh Hall, Race Director of the Portimão Global Ocean Race is announcing a 2011-12 Global Ocean Race, saying there is exceptional interest in this unique event.

He says:

In issuing our NOR for the Global Ocean Race 2011-12 we are quite simply stating that this race will indeed happen and that the entry list is now open. We remain in negotiation with numerous ports to host the start and finish of the event but everything else is in place. We fully expect to be announcing the final details before the end of 2009.

The race will be limited to 25 entries in total with five committed entries reported already.

Hall continues:

We have fixed arrangements with the same stopover ports as in the 2008-09 event where we have forged strong relationships with our hosts, the local marine industries and the communities. We are extremely grateful to all of our host ports, we believe in continuity and development of relations as key to maximising the benefits for our hosts and competitors. This also allows Leg records to be set and broken.