Sailing Stuff from Twitter.

  • Retweeting @DarkBlueBook: Russell Couts Gets Knighthood – Arise Sir Russell – Daily Sail (sub) #
  • Retweeting @CarolijnBrouwer: Best sailing ever on the X40s in Cowes! Breeze was on, intense racing, crowd was great!! #
  • YACHTSPONSORSHIP.COM’s Photos – iShares Cup – Cowes | Facebook – #cowesweek #
  • Here Here… @offshorerules: Cowes Week 2009 – Down, but far from out .. #cowesweek #
  • Cowes Online has been down all morning – perhaps everyone at work is wanting to watch the webcam wishing they were there. #cowesweek #
  • RT @Oman_Sail: … Nick Fry of Brawn GP the guest on Masirah. No pit stops or tyre changes- just overtaking! #

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