YouTube – The Friend of Big and Small.

Why sit about waiting for the ‘old fashioned’ broadcasters to decide if they like your sport or not? There are people out there who want to watch. They want to watch now. No faffing about with setting the ‘Tivo’ or fiddling with the Red Button or even the good old VHS – want to get fired up about A-Class Catamaran sailing? Google it or search it on You-Tube and consume cool video.


It doesn’t matter if you are promoting the A-Class Catamaran Australian Championships at Safety Beach in Victoria in January, or justifying millions of bucks onĀ  Deed-of-Gift trimaran – You-Tube is here to help. Here’s the promo video for the A-Class Championships:

And here is a sample of what BMW ORACLE have put up on their bright shiny new You-Tube channel. Oops – no, we can’t show you that one because the control freaks in BMW ORACLE PR have disabled embedding of their videos. If you are really really interested in the stuff that the folks in San Diego have been pumping out over the last few days, you can find it at: