Bass Strait Kitesurfing Record Activates Sponsorship with Video.

Activation. Without it, sponsorship is might as well be charity. The good news is that in the age of ‘cheap’ digital technology activating a sponsorship to a relevant global audience has never been easier.

Digital activation tools also allow sports that have been traditionally business to business (B2B) to appeal to consumers.

The video below is a case in point. Kitesurfers Ben Morrison-Jack and James Weight have completed the first kitesurfing, non-stop, unassisted crossing of Bass Strait (from Tasmania to the Australian mainland), the same piece of water that makes the infamous Sydney to Hobart race a challenge for even the most well equipped boats. Bass Strait is not the kind of place where you would get any spectators, so you might think that brand awareness would be a tough thing to deliver. But add a couple of video cameras and you have a great piece of branded content that is virally shared around the world.

The support boat crewed by Grant Wharington and Graham Taylor, followed them across Bass Strait and also enabled some nice product shots for the sponsor – Snickers.


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