Class40 Association Back Global Ocean Race. 2

There is only really room for one Round the World Race for Class40’s. Last week we reported on the announcement of a planned new race out of the “announce it and get permission later” school of event organising, but in the end, the backing of the Class 40 Association would seem to be an important selling point of any such event.

Class President, Jacques Fournier, and Class Board Directors have held successful meetings with Josh Hall to focus on the official endorsement of the ISAF affiliated Class40 Association with the Global Ocean Race 2011-12. Full details will be announced at the Salon Nautique de Paris (Paris Boat Show) in December but it is understood that contracts have now been signed to make the Global Ocean Race 2011-12 the only round the world race to be officially endorsed by the Class40 Association.

Jacques Fournier:

“The Class40 Association are extremely pleased and proud to confirm that we have signed an exclusive contract with the organisers of The Global Ocean Race 2011-12. Class40 members now have an around the world race in the calendar that is officially and unanimously endorsed by the Class40 Association. We greatly look forward to working closely with Josh Hall and his team who did such a fantastic job managing the Portimão Global Ocean Race in 2008-09 and we will be announcing more details of this partnership in December.”

For Josh Hall, who devised the concept of the event with American yachtsman Joe Harris as they raced to a class win in the 2005 Transat Jacques Vabre and subsequently organised and managed the 2008-09 Portimão Global Ocean Race, this is a rewarding milestone.

“We are an event for Class40 yachts and we have the proven experience and abilities to operate a well-organised, successful and safe round the world race for these fantastic boats. We are absolutely delighted that the Class40 Association has now officially endorsed our event and will be bringing their support and expertise to the organisation. We can now move forward together building on the success of our last event and, I believe, help shape the future of round the world yacht racing.”

  • there goes the portugal world race or whatever it was called.

  • there goes the portugal world race or whatever it was called.