Jochen Schümann Joins K-Challenge For LVWS Campaign.

The first Louis Vuitton World Series event will be hosted in Nice by K-Challenge, but the team will look a little different. Three time Olympic Gold medallist and two time America’s Cup Winner Jochen Schümann will join Stephane Kandler and Sebastien Col to challenge for the new series. The team will reveal a new name colors, philosophy and team members soon.

Schümann, the 54 year old German will lead the team together and will become Stephan Kandler Sports Director and Skipper.

Jochen Schümann:

I’m very much looking forward to sailing together with such a young and successful match racer like Seb Col. Together with Stephane, Seb and some of our other former team mates we will build a strong team which will bring some fresh air to the LVWS. Thanks to Stephane Kandler who is offering me the opportunity to build up a strong European Team!

Sebastien Col, Helmsman:

“Working with such a top-level sailor like Jochen Schümann is a chance that we only have once in a career. It is a huge added-value for the team. I’m really in a hurry to work with him and to sail again with a team that will be much stronger for the Louis Vuitton World Series.”

Stephane Kandler, K-Challenge’s CEO:

“We are moving another step up with Jochen Schümann and Sebastien Col together. I’m thrilled that Jochen Schümann chose to join forces with us. Our views were the same to create a new key player in the game in Europe, and we look forward to present the result of our common work.”

The team is one of the founders of the World Sailing Team Association and the team has helped to establish Nice, France as the Host City for the November event.

Stephane Kandler, K-Challenge’s CEO:

“The Louis Vuitton World Series is the result of hard teamwork between the teams forming the WSTA, Louis Vuitton, and we are very proud to have played a key role in setting up the first event in France with the City of Nice where we will be the Host Team. We look forward to make it a real success. This circuit is a new era for our sport.”