Pilote Media Launches Social Media BootCamp for Business.

ad-250-socialIn case you haven’t got the message yet, social media is important. It might be a fad, but its a fad that thousands of businesses are using to generate revenue. Even if social media is a fad, it’s not for kids and it’s not trivial, but it is new and therefore easily misunderstood.

Sailing as a sport, and as a business, has an opportunity. Never before have the tools existed to target and engage the audience that you want to do business with in such an efficient and measurable way. Don’t think that this is about technology – it’s not. It’s about Marketing and customers and best practise.

I’ve been tracking attitudes towards social media and emerging technologies in the marine industry for a while now, and sadly, the message doesn’t seem to be getting through. There are some stand-out exceptions – like Quantum Racing, but in the main, the marine industry and the sport of sailing, has not grasped the tools being used by other sports and are missing out on their share of voice.

Amongst those who do use some of these tools there is some confusion as to why business hasn’t adopted some of these practises more quickly, but in the main, these people are early adopters. For those who are head down in the day to day running of a business, especially in uncertain times, it is not always easy to get your head around the opportunities and implications of new ideas. One of the problems though, is that social media has been sold as technology and is therefore seen as the domain of the IT crowd. Actually, these tools are for marketing, PR and corporate communications professionals and more and more, those in business development.

So Pilote Media, the publishers of www.yachtsponsorship.com have created a Social Media for Business Bootcamp Seminar to help demystify some of the technobabble around social media and provide some real-world tips on how to leverage the tools available.

The seminar will be in London on October the 14th from 9am – 12pm. For more information see the event page.

Just in case you are still in doubt, watch the video below – it’s hype, but is it hype your business can afford to ignore?