Jobson’s Goals as President: Participation, Awareness and Visibility.

Gary Jobson has been elected the next President of US SAILING by the new board of directors at the AGM on Saturday.

In his acceptance speech, which will be posted on the US Sailing Website, Jobson explained US SAILING’s goal to create opportunities for more people to sail and encourage participation, especially among youth. He also wants to increase awareness and visibility for the sport.

“We want to make sailing safe, easy, and fair. We’ll work to make sailing available to everyone.”

Jobson also focussed on creating value for the US SAILING membership.

“We will not make a US SAILING membership mandatory,” Jobson stated. “We want people and organizations to become members of US SAILING because we provide a great service for sailors, and we want to inspire others to get involved with the sport.”

Last March, the nominating and governance committee nominated Jobson (Annapolis, Md.) as the organization’s next president in Denver at US SAILING’s Spring Meeting. The US SAILING President serves for a one-year term and a maximum of three consecutive terms. Former US SAILING President Jim Capron (Annapolis, Md.), has led the organization since November 2006.

The board of directors also elected Tom Hubbell as vice president, Leslie Keller as treasurer, Fred Hagedorn as secretary, and Stan Honey as the select director.