Don’t Book your Flights to Spain… yet…

Last week, we said it was all over bar the shouting. Those last three little words are important. The expensive legal shouting continues and  the disregard for America’s Cup fans continues.

SNG are appealing the decisions handed to them by the New York courts in relation to rudders and the length of the boat and the legitimacy of RAK as a venue. Given the precedents set so far, there is no way to guess which way things might go, but GGYC are hoping that all will be done before Christmas, which would leave anyone wanting to attend the event in either Valencia or RAK, about 40 days to sort flights, hotel rooms, visas etc..

Meanwhile in Nice, BMW ORACLE’s legitimacy as a worthy challenger of record based on their sailing ability has suffered a bit of a knock. Throughout the bitter dispute, BMW ORACLE’s propaganda has trumpeted the skill of Skipper and CEO, Russell Coutts as the reason why Alinghi are allegedly running scared, however – after losing to Alinghi in the semi-finals of the Auckland Louis Vuitton Event, the American team is currently ranked 6th in the Louis Vuitton Trophy.