RC44 Fans Asked to Blow for the Team. 2

a-support-stationWe love seeing new ways for technology to be applied to sports marketing. Never before have sporting teams had so many tools to engage fans and supporters from around the world. While the RC44 fleet lines up for the SEA DUBAI RC44 CUP, team Islas Canarias Puerto Calero are running an online promotion with a diference.

Have you ever seen a fairground attraction where you have to race horses or some other object by firing a water pistol at a target? Take that concept and add the internet and a strange looking real-world activation device called a Support Station and you have Wind to Win.

The concept allows fans to show their support for their favourite team, by blowing into the microphone of their computer to power the animated boats along. If you don’t have a mic, you can use the space-bar instead. Fans can also add messages of support. But that’s not all – the ‘wind’ created by supporters will be sent via the internet to Dubai.

The promoters say:

Our Support Station is flying to Dubai, right now! It’s a 395 Kilos structure that incorporates 4 huge fans/vents and two screens that will transmit and show the support those fans from all over the world will send.

Our Support Station will be connected with the website on real time and every time someone blows from home into their computer, the wind will be transported to Dubai (moving the vents), and a message will be shown on the screens, making their support reach their favorite RC44 team.

It’s not just the opportunity to cheer on your favourite team. There is also a prize on offer and there is a social media element – a twitter feed and facebook page that allows supporters to interact.

The current rankings are 1. Islas Canarias = 1728 supporters 2. Artemis = 1719 supporters 3. BMW Oracle = 1621 supporters.

Support your team here…

  • Tony Fajardo

    Amazing. Thanks for discover it!

  • Tony Fajardo

    Amazing. Thanks for discover it!