Holmatro Ends Backing of Extreme 40 Team

One of the earliest and biggest supporters of the Extreme 40 has ended its backing of the class. Holmatro has officially announced to end their Extreme 40 campaign with Team Holmatro.

In a statement, the company said:

After a great number of successful years, the contract with Tornado Sport has ended. For a company with so much passion for the sailing sport, it’s a difficult decision not to extend this contract, especially since the campaign has been successful for Holmatro in various ways.

The sailing sponsor activities of Holmatro started in 2002 with the sponsoring of a sailing team under the expert guidance of skipper Hans Horrevoets. After a great number of wins, Holmatro got closely involved with a new one-design class: the Extreme 40 catamaran. The first Extreme 40 was built for Holmatro with Holmatro hydraulics and winches on board. After the Volvo Ocean Race 2005/2006, Tornado Sport and OC Events developed a new European sailing series: the iShares Cup Extreme 40 Sailing Series. A promising event with action, attraction and addiction. The class brought sailing close to the public and therefore was a perfect platform for sponsors and their relations.

CEO Jaap Meijer says:

‘We look back at a very successful campaign for Holmatro as a company, in which we have achieved our targets and goals in many ways. The campaign generated a lot of publicity and feedback on our products, but also provided us with the opportunity to speak to our important relations at every event in a very comfortable, though professional environment. The combination of meeting the sailing team, sailing on an Extreme 40 with our hydraulics and winches, plus the setting of the event, created a very suitable spot to bring people in contact with the people and products of Holmatro.’

The company thanks all those who were involved. Team Holmatro sailed with a great number of top skippers and sailors, such as Mitch Booth, Andreas Hagara and Carolyn Brouwer. This resulted in a great number of wins and top-threes.