Valencia Will Host the 33rd America’s Cup.

Pack your bags for Valencia. The NY Courts have spoken; again, and the final(?) appeal regarding the venue of the 33rd America’s Cup has been dealt with. It’s perhaps a shame that the Middle East won’t get to use the America’s Cup to showcase how the region can deliver world class infrastructure for sporting events, but given the trends in the wider sailing world, it won’t be long before yacht racing fans get to enjoy the benefits availed by a favourable economic and meterological climate.

On the other hand, with only weeks to go until the first race between these impressive multihull machines, Valencia is able to be reached by a large number of fans, journalists and other stakeholders. There should be enough flights, hotel rooms and bars to accomodate anyone who wants to make the trip at short notice to experience this one of a kind cup match.

The statements released by the respective parties continue the legalistic, antagonistic language that has marred the fight between BMW ORACLE and Alinghi. In stark contrast, the sailors; namely Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth, spoke in a completely different tone at the World Yacht Racing Forum last week.

The last session of the event was a combination of awe-inspiring presentations about the engineering feats that are BOR 90 and Alinghi 5, and a panel discsussion that tried to plot a future for the cup once the DOG match is done and a winner is determined. A selection of the discussion can be viewed here…