New Fonica Sponsorship Deal for Desjoyeaux includes Open60 and MOD70. 3

There’s something about winning that makes it easier to raise money. While many in sailing like to talk about the human interest element, the stories, the enduring struggle of sailor versus the elements or overcoming great adversity to finish, sailing at an elite level is a sport and the best way to ensure maximum positive exposure is to come across the line first. It also helps when you live in a country where winning a yacht race has meaning amongst the wider population; where to be a top sailor is to be as prestigious as being on the national rugby team.

[cleeng_content id=”181998932″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Perhaps it doesn’t come as a big surprise then, that Fonica has renewed its relationship with Vendee Globe Winner Michel Desjoyeaux. The company has been involved with the sponsorship of sailing for 10 years and likes the returns it gets. The new deal with Desjoyeaux will run through to 2014 and cover both monohull and multihull projects.

Yves Gevin, CEO of the Foncia Group said:

‘Due to sailing and the extraordinary talents and professionalism of Michel we have succeeded. We will continue this way so that the French know us better and also know of our ambitions and the services we can offer them. The cost of sponsorship compared to the other opportunities, is extremely reasonable in terms of its outlay. The victory of Foncia in the Vendee Globe demonstrates this and the impact of the sponsorship project in relation to the equivalent purchase of advertising space was 10 to 15 times the initial investment.”

The new programme reinforces the below-the-line support strategy orchestrated around sailing sponsorship with Michel Desjoyeaux as a brand ambassador for Foncia.

Yves Gevin continues:

‘With Michel, we’ve taken a step further in communicating Foncia to the public, and we can say that today about 1 French in 2 know of Foncia , just 2 years ago it was 1 in 4. A second milestone was reached last summer by communicating more about our business in our TV commercials. Like all companies involved in this sport, we will seek an image, values that stick to the reality of our profession … Sailing embodies the values of authenticity, sincerity, perseverance, courage, teamwork, rigor. All very powerful messages that we send to our employees and we want to develop that mindset towards our customers. Therefore Foncia persists in this process alongside Michel who gave us an exceptional year 2009 with a series of stunning victories. And how do we go further? By embarking on ambitious new projects and being innovative’

The next four years will be devoted to the launch of two innovative and ambitious projects:

  1. The construction of a new 60-foot Imoca to participate in the Route du Rhum and the Barcelona World Race
  2. Entering the 2011 Multi One Design 70 circuit (trimaran-design 70 feet).[/cleeng_content]

  • peterwatson

    Mich Des is a great guy but so is Steve White. It is astonishing that he has not yet found a sponsor for the White Ocean Racing programme as his achievement in the 2008 Vendee Globe sailing a low budget early Open 60 is nothing short of stunning.

  • Steve White is now competing head to head with several other British sailors that are also looking for budget to do an Open60 campaign. Last time he had the ‘battler’ angle going for him, this time he has to convince people that he is more interesting than Sam Davies or Dee Caffari or even Mike Golding.

    Unfortunately modern day sport is not about the most deserving. It is about what will sell more ipods or mortgages or recycling bins.

  • Steve White is now competing with several British sailors for the same pot of money. Last time he had something different – he had battled to do it himself. This time, he has to convice those with the cash that he is more interesting than Sam Davies, Dee Caffari or even Mike Golding.

    Unfortunately modern day sport has absolutely nothing to do with who is most deserving. It has everything to do with who can shift more ipods, mortgages or recycling bins. It's not surprising at all that Steve White hasn't found budget.