New Hublot Alinghi Watch To Count the Days Until the Next Court Verdict.

We had to smile yesterday when we saw that Alinghi sponsor Hublot has launched the “King Power Alinghi”, a limited edition watch that commemorates and carries the colours of the Swiss Defender of the 33rd America’s Cup.

While the brand folk say that the “King Power Alinghi” represents the savoir-faire and precision of Swiss technology, in common with Alinghi 5, we hope that the timepiece works better than the process for getting the Cup race on the water – a process that has been far from clock-work.

Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi team president, broke away from the race training in Valencia to celebrate the launch with Hublot CEO, Jean-Claude Biver and Hublot guests. Bertarelli said:

‘I am very proud of our partnership with Hublot and my friend Jean-Claude Biver. This exclusive timepiece is a great representation of the relationship we enjoy and the Swiss technology and expertise that we share; Alinghi 5 is Swiss Made and has grown from years of innovation and development on Lake Geneva, as has this watch. We welcome Hublot’s support and friendship for the 33rd America’s Cup,’ declared Bertarelli at the launch.

Jean-Claude Biver added a few words:

‘I hope the King Power Alinghi will bring luck to our Swiss Defender. Alinghi already has vast competence, qualities and the motivation to win. We wanted to demonstrate the emotion we have as the team’s partner and we wanted to show our support through this timepiece which carries the colours of Alinghi 5!’

We hope that the watch runs more smoothly than start-stop negotiation process that has defined this round of the Cup.