SNG Confirm Jury in Another Letter.

Whoever said that letter writing is dead has obviously not been following the ongoing battle that is the 33rd America’s Cup. The missives that have been sent between the Swiss Defender and American Challenger would make a great book, though one imagines that no-one would be able to work out the commercial rights for such a thing.

Still, the interesting thing about the letters between SNG and GGYC is that most of them have been purposefully given to, or surreptitiously leaked to various press around the world. Many of them have been full color facsimilies of the originals including signatures, made available via the wonder that is PDF.

Yesterday’s note from SNG to GGYC starts out simply enough, confirming the international jury for the all important DOG match and stating that we will see the Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race today (8th January)

The 33rd America’s Cup International Jury was appointed on December 4, 2009. Since then, SNG has signed the indemnity agreement for ISAF and the other officials. There was a small delay in collecting the signatures due to the Christmas break. The independence of the jury has been confirmed as well. The International Jury is now constituted and fully operational. It is ready to deal with any issue related to the 33rd America’s Cup. If you have any question in this respect, please contact Mr. Jerome Pels with ISAF.

Of course it wouldn’t be a letter worthy of the 33rd America’s Cup if it didn’t include a dig or jab at the other side, if there wasn’t another obstacle to disagree about. The letter continues.

In regard to mooring your boat in the Darsena, we do not understand your safetyconcerns since you repeatedly affirmed in Court that Valencia was the perfect venue and had all infrastructures ready. We note that three months ago in your Court Papers of October 1st, 2009 you stated that Valencia “spent three years investing in and preparing its city and marina to support the 32nd America’s Cup and now has a world-class dedicated infrastructure for hosting an America’s Cup match”.