America’s Cup Fans Might See More than Ever thanks to Media Innovations 1

Now that the two teams contesting the 33rd America’s Cup have been told that they can’t go back to court until after the racing, the communications teams and PR people are finally focusing their attention on sailing.

Despite the ugliness of the road to racing, this edition of the Cup will probably contribute more to the sport in technological innovation than any that has gone before it. The innovation is not just in the boats – the media used to bring the 33rd America’s Cup to the world will be groundbreaking and have impact on how niche sports are broadcast.

Of course sailing has been at the forefront of media for a while. On board cameras and telemetry based 3d animations are just some of the tools that allow sailing fans to interact with their sport in a way that is more personal and bespoke than a traditional one-feed-for-all approach that some sports tied to old fashioned TV offer.

Cameras are getting smaller, bandwidth is getting cheaper. Live coverage,  that was once only possible with satellite trucks and outside broadcast infrastructure, can now be streamed via a mobile phone. Add to that the absence of  ‘media rights’ for the America’s Cup – no stadium, no tickets with Terms and Conditions forbidding photography or video, and literally anyone can create content from this event.

In addition to the offical web-broadcast via BMW ORACLE will be providing their own media. The team will produce unprecedented online coverage of its challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup, beginning with a team press conference on Friday February 5.

The team’s “Race Day” coverage, on, will feature hours of live, original programming each race day, including the official live feed of the racing from the Host Broadcaster.

“Race Day” programming kicks off on Monday, February 8, the first scheduled race day of the Match. “Race Day” consists of several blocks of live programming, bringing an unprecedented, live, behind-the-scenes look at the team to sailing fans worldwide including…

  • The Dock-Out Show – watch the team prepare for battle as they leave for the race course.
  • The Morning Show – an insider’s look at the history of the America’s Cup, the 33rd edition of the oldest trophy in sports, and BMW ORACLE Racing, live from the Oracle Cinema at the Team Base.