America’s Cup Jury Rules on Five Issues including Water Balast. 1

Over the last year or so, we have been trying to work out how to create some grand analogy between events in the America’s Cup and epic tales like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. The obvious problem is that doing so would paint one side as good and the other side as evil, and while many around the world have chosen sides, like all analogies it would all come crashing down eventually. But whether we are inhabiting a galaxy far, far away or Middle Earth, there seems to be a sense that the final battle will happen shortly and afterwards, there may be certainty and peace.

After what seems like years of squabbling, the public programme is coming together, the boats are out on the water, the videos are going up on YouTube and even suppliers and ostracised teams are turning to Valencia in the hope that whatever the result, there will be something different on the other side.

That is not to say that it will happen like that. While we were away, the New York Supreme Court decided (reasonably) that they had more important things to deal with than a yacht race in Spain and so the result of the racing will not be final, despite statements made to that effect in the past.

Luckily, the New York Courts don’t have to rule on matters of sailing anymore, now that there is a jury. And the jury has been busy in the last 24 hours. Here are the decisions on a raft of issues that mean nothing to anyone outside the sport, but make the America’s Cup what it is.

  • Competitors will be able to use water ballast provided that the amount used to benefit performance is also in position when the boat is measured.
  • The International Jury for the 33rd America’s Cup has confirmed the start time for races will be 1006.
  • The Jury gave Race Office Harold Bennett the discretion to use his experience and judgment on what constitutes fair and safe conditions for racing.
  • GGYC’s yacht USA has also been cleared to use onboard wind-detection equipment.
  • GGYC’s yacht USA has been cleared to use “fast and green” friction-reduction technologies.

Race 1 for the 33rd Match is scheduled for Monday, February 8, with Race 2 on Wednesday and Race 3 (if necessary) on Friday.

  • Sweetwater Tom

    Have the questions of legality of the wing and the Alinghy sail CIC controversy been submitted to the Jury? Thanks