Audi Med Cup Media Value Study Values Coverage at 24.9 Euros.

More Sailing media value numbers, this time from the The Audi MedCup circuit. The numbers are realistic, talking about real media value and not touting meaningless figures in the billions based on household penetration.

The series has reported that in 2009 a study by Sport + Markt as estimated the media value of the season at 24,9 million euros. The study was carried out in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK and Germany. The results are a 35% improvement on 2008 despite there being one less race in 2009.

Fernando Iñigo, Marketing and Communications Director of Grupo Santa Monica Sports said:

Maintaining the impact in such circumstances would have successful enough, since we cut down the number of events in 20%, but in spite of that we’ve managed to increase the media impact in 35%”.

Iñigo’s opinion is that such success is due to the consolidation of a communication strategy maintained over time. The three year old strategy involves very good audiovisual production quality which has led to great gains in TV coverage.

The results consolidate the Audi MedCup Circuit, founded by Ignasi Triay and Nacho Postigo in 2005, as one of the most important regatta circuits of the world. The monitored countries showed a TV coverage of around 630 hours, with a monitored media impact of around 16,2 million euros measured in AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent).  The coverage was greatest in Spain followed by France, Italy, Germany, UK, Ireland and Portugal.

Press coverage was also good. 1.201 articles were measured with an estimated value of around 6,3 million euros. Once again, Spain was the country with the biggest press coverage, followed by France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, UK and Ireland.

The impact in the digital media was studied in 2009 for the first time. Value was estimated at 3,3 million euros in the six monitored countries, but the amount is not included in the global 24,9 million euro figure. Digital coverage was more than 2 million euros in Spain, and represents more than 13% of the Circuit’s global impact.

Fernando Iñigo is confident in the contined success of the communication strategy for the Audi MedCup Circuit, and expects

“the media impact to grow in 10% globally, and 30% in Italy and France. In both countries we want our presence in the media to grow, reaching a bigger media impact by doing so”