Dartmouth Regatta Is Dead Without £12,000 Airshow.

Dartmouth’s regatta of sailing, rowing and airshows has announced a loss of £12,000. According to local media, it is the first loss-making regatta organisers can remember. But it’s not the sailors that are to blame. Events designed to bring mass-market crowds, like fireworks and airshows increase the costs of the event, particularly policing and traffic costs.

[cleeng_content id=”245096612″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Though there were drops in income from the annual draw and sponsorship, large bills for policing and traffic control turned the 2008 £14,000 profit into a loss.

The situation is similar to events like Cowes Week. While competitors enjoy the racing, the public are only interested in the big shows. Vice-chairman Basil Williams said:

“The regatta will be as big as ever. What we have got to do is seriously look at sponsorship for all the air displays. Without those, people say, the regatta is dead. Without the air displays the people are not going to come in their thousands.”

The business model of such events just doesn’t add up. While the public expect to watch the air-show and firework components for free, the regatta committee  has to find an extra £12,000 on policing, barriers and other traffic control measures.

Though the regatta has reserves from previous successful events, the organisers are looking to sponsorship to make sure the funds are available to deliver the same level of entertainment as the last version.