Sponsors Named for America’s Cup 33 In Valencia.

Nobody would call the road to the 33rd America’s Cup conventional. The on again, off again nature of the process has meant that there have been question marks hanging over dates, venues and other key factors effecting the positioning of sponsorship for the event. However, as many who work in sponsorship know, some of the best deals to be had are those that can be done at the last minute.

The Mayoress of Valencia, Rita Barberá has introduced the official sponsors for this version of the Amercia’s Cup. El Corte Ingles, Estrella Damm, Iberdrola of Spain are joined by the Swiss company Hublot.

Now that it has been announced that the event will be broadcast live via the internet and picked up by broadcasters like Eurosport, the 33rd America’s Cup has more chance of delivering a return on investment via using the traditional measure of media value. Estrella Damm also have the added benefit of being able to sell a consumable product, so any media value is a bonus to the revenue acheived from pouring rights at the event.

Rita Barberá said she considered the deal a great example of the collaboration of Spanish business with Valencia and with the sport:

“Sponsors are a crucial part of the 33rd America’s Cup. I would like to extend our thanks in the name of all Valencians to Hublot, El Corte Inglés, Estrella Damm, Iberdrola and all the other sponsors and supporters of this project.”

Each of the companies have different reasons for supporting the event, but as well as the generic themes that apply to all top level sport like competition, the sponsors talked about some of the positioning benefits that sailing provides.

Pau Pérez Rico, from El Corte Inglés, commented:

“For El Corte Inglés it is very satisfying to share with Valencia, one more time, all the emotion and appeal of the top sailing competition, which represents all the values of effort, control of the elements and respect for the sea and the environment. It makes sense that El Corte Ingles repeats their support of the America’s Cup. I would like to wish both teams and the sailors, bon vent i bona vela –good winds and good sailing.”

Estrella Damm’s Federico Segarra said:

“This sponsorship is a good example of the commitment of Estrella Damm to the city of Valencia and with the sport. The America’s Cup is a very important event for the company, as we hold good memories from our participation at the previous edition.”

Iberdrola’s Juan Bolinches, took the opportunity to comment:

“By participating as sponsors of the event, the Iberdrola Group reasserts our commitment to the Comunidad Valenciana, where we have our Iberdrola Renovables head office and the Iberdrola Team base. I would like to mention that our base at the Port America’s Cup will be open to the visit of school kids and guests, to follow the race and discover this passionate sport.

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