The Business of Yacht Racing – State of Play Survey.

[cleeng_content id=”385491303″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″] in conjunction with the DARK BLUE BOOK are asking the yacht racing industry to let us know what you think. One of the problems with that is, it’s hard to know who or what the yacht racing industry is so we’ve designed a survey to identify what the challenges facing the industry are, what confidence levels are like and what the shape of our industry looks like.

A summary of results will be published on and a detailed report will be included in the 2010 DARK BLUE BOOK.

David Fuller, CEO of Pilote Media and Editor of the DARK BLUE BOOK says:

Now that the America’s Cup has been sailed and won by BMW ORACLE, we want to know how people are feeling about the current state of yacht racing as a professional sport and how they feel about the future. It doesn’t matter if you are a sailor, rights owner, supplier or just a fan, we want to know some of the issues that are facing the industry.

You are invited to complete the survey at

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