Launches Dedicated America’s Cup News Page

Now that there is real interest in the America’s Cup again and the stories are a more palatable mix of sailing, personalities, competition and racing instead of the grotty detail of legal posturing, we have launched a standalone page for news about the 33rd Edition in Valencia.

As well as’s unique opinion and insight, the new channel will feature embedded video from the teams, live twitter updates from journalists, teams and other sources as well as the occasional input from some special America’s Cup guests.’s coverage of the 33rd America’s Cup in Valencia between Alinghi and BMW ORACLE will be presented by the DARK BLUE BOOK – the Who’s Who of Yacht Racing.

CLICK HERE to Visit the Dedicated America’s Cup Page.

During the week, the publishers of the essential reference for the sport of professional yacht racing, released it’s distribution figures for 2009.

Over 500 copies of the business to business tool were sold via the official website to buyers from around the world. In addition, more than 500 copies were distributed to C-Level executives of companies identified as being able to contribute to the growth of the industry either as sponsors or suppliers.

Sales of the DARK BLUE BOOK were predictably highest in countries where sailing is traditionally popular like the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand; however a large number of the books were sold in emerging sailing markets including the Middle East, S. E. Asia and China.

David Fuller, CEO of Pilote Media and Editor of the directory is happy with the first year’s results.

“Like many sports, sailing at the elite level around the world is a relatively small industry, but it is growing and there is sense that there are opportunities that are untapped. The sport is becoming more commercial and more professional and the DARK BLUE BOOK aims to provide new and existing players with easier access to new business.”

Now that a solid base has been established, the publishers aim to increase the awareness of the directory and work with the leaders of the sport to position sailing as a competitor to more recognised global sports.

David Fuller says:

“Many in the yacht racing business know each other. They have sailed with or against one another, they have been at the same events as fans or suppliers and many have built up longstanding relationships, but many in the business are still competing amongst themselves for a share of the existing pie instead of working together to grow the sport by attracting new competitors, sponsors, suppliers and fans.”

“By collecting the industry together in a single reference, the DARK BLUE BOOK is one way of presenting yacht racing as a united global entity and increases the opportunities to develop individual events. It is also useful within the industry to identify key people or service providers.”

In 2010, the DARK BLUE BOOK will benefit from larger distribution through affiliate partners and increased visibility. The publishers are aiming in substantially increase the number of books sold in 2010.

The 2010 DARK BLUE BOOK closes for entries at the end of February. Listings can be created or updated online at: