Greek Challenge Looks Forward to AC34

Twelve Months ago, the beta Louis Vuitton Regatta featured a new America’s Cup hopeful, Greek Challenge. Without the resources of long-time campaigners Emirates Team New Zealand or TEAMORIGIN, the team flying the Greek flag showed that they had the beginnings of a potential force for the future. Of course all plans to participate in the 33rd Edition of the America’s Cup were put to rest by the actions of Defender and Challenger and like many potential Americia’s Cup teams, Greek Challenge was forced to wait until the DOG match was decided.

Headed by Sotiris Buseas, Greek Challenge is still a team with long term goals to use the top sailing races to promote a proud sailing nation. The America’s Cup is not the only option. Like many top teams, the Volvo Ocean Race has been considered as an alternative platform to the Cup, which is no closer to having any certainty about the format for the next edition.

Greek Challenge is preparing its bases in Greece and preparing to organize an international regatta after attending the official dinner of the 33rd America’s Cup. Discussions with Societe Nautique de Geneve and GSTAAD Yacht Club were initiated for further co-operation in the future and the team has also spoken briefly with Golden Gate Yacht Club Commodore Marcus Young about possible options for the 34th America’s Cup including the business model.

Greek Challenge believe that the 34th America’s Cup should be one of reconciliation and that sportsmanship should prevail for the sake of the sailing community a wider audience.

Meanwhile in Greece, Greek Challenge has secured one of the two bases it has been working towards, while an application for a second location is still under consideration. Despite economic and political conditions in the country, the team are confident that by the end of the summer, Greece will have its first ever America’s Cup bases in locations that will advance the sport.

The team hope to stage international regattas to help increase sports tourism. A statement says:

It is our belief that the sport of sailing will be the next platform that Greece will establish itself globally in the next decade, continuing 5000 years of seafaring tradition and all the modern sporting glories that Greek Athletes have brought to their homeland. Ulysses is starting a new trip. Are you up for the challenge?