World Match Racing Tour Appoints New Television Team.

When Patrick Lim, Peter Gilmour and a syndicate of investors bought the World Match Racing Tour from previous rights holders Force 10 last year, it signalled a change in the way the Tour would be run. A relaunch to the industry at the World Yacht Racing Forum in December promised a global sporting series that would rival top motorsport for awareness, glamour and professionalism.

[cleeng_content id=”945121803″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]So far, the tour has created a new website and announced a new event in Vietnam with the smart money on an event in the Middle East some time soon. Now the organisers have announced that a new team will produce and distribute the tour’s television. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the contract has been awarded to the same team that produce the television for the Monsoon Cup, which has in recent years included virtual eye and live on-board cameras and commentary.

Redhanded TV, a specialist producer of outside broadcasts for sporting events, and Boulder Creek International, the TV and film distributor have announced today that they will be producing and distributing the television coverage for this year’s World Match Racing Tour. The team have been working together on the Monsoon Cup for five years.

With a production team of 27 at Redhanded and a further five working on the live streaming and distribution at Boulder Creek, the television crew may outnumber the spectators on site at events like Marseille, but like many niche sports, eyeballs on the screen can be more important than large crowds, especially when you can’t sell tickets.

One of the objectives for Sam Usher, MD at Redhanded TV, is to build on the success of the Monsoon Cup coverage and to bring the viewer into the race so that they can feel what the players and sailors are experiencing minute-by-minute. He said:

“I am incredibly excited to be working with the World Match Racing Tour this year. By listening to the sailing fans, I know we can reflect what the Tour is about and achieve that rare combination for the viewer of action, entertainment and storytelling.”

Boulder Creek’s MD, Matt Jeschelnik, believes his team can build on this to develop a wider television reach for the Tour worldwide.

“We are delighted to work with the World Match Racing Tour this year” Matt states. “The WMRT was the first sports brand I worked with and so it is particularly important for me to grow the brand with a team that I have worked with so well over the past five years. ”

Peter Gilmour, Acting President of World Match Racing Tour says,

“We are pleased to partner with Redhanded TV and Boulder Creek International as we believe that they would best meet our requirements in supporting the Tour. They are experts in their fields, creative and passionate about their work and most importantly, sailing events. We trust that they will be able to truly bring the ‘live’ adrenalin-pumping experience of the races into the lives of viewers across the world and further inculcate interest amongst the public on professional sailing. ”

David Fuller, CEO of Pilote Media says that the innovations in television coverage of the tour will have an impact on sponsorship return on investment.

“With more on-board footage, teams should be rethinking their sponsorship offer. The most valuable real-estate will become the team uniforms which will be increasingly in-shot. Many teams are currently giving away they uniform space to their clothing supplier for free.”