DITT Sponsor tall Ship Visit.

Yacht sponsorship of all shapes, sizes and amounts. A story from the Shetland islands that construction company DITT has become the first host port associate for next year’s Tall Ships Races by awarding £6,000 of sponsorship. The support is a vital part of the £400,000 sponsorship target set by the local organising company to deliver a high-quality event next year.

The Tall Ships Races are presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

DITT director Peter Tait said:

“We are delighted to be involved in this huge community event and assist the organising company to reach their sponsorship targets to be able to deliver a fantastic event for the participants and visitors.”

Project manager Fiona Dally said:

“We are very grateful to DITT for their cash sponsorship. Securing this support early is vital for us to be able to develop our planned activities, and we are pleased to have raised £154,000 so far towards hosting an excellent event in July 2011.”

General information on sponsorship opportunities is available on the sponsors section at www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com