BTBoats Sponsors Global Ocean Race to Promote Production Class 40.

It would do well for some in the business of yacht racing to spend a bit more time looking at the motorsport business. Not F1, but other industries within the industry, for example sports cars. The system that supports the annual 24 hours of Le Mans and determines the rules on how cars are classified could work well in parts of sailing. Prototypes running against heavily modified production models can work – especially if someone can then go and buy a less tweaked version of the production model, that looks the same with a few more cruising comforts.

The Class40 is one of the more innovative classes to come along in recent years. The concept is solid, and many boats have been built, but like many classes caught in the constant proliferation of sailing options, the Class40 has never quite managed to really capture the imagination of a wider audience. Nevertheless, there are lots of racing opportunities for people who want to go sailing in a Class40 and the development of production models is probably a good thing.

To that end, BTBoats Ltd have confirmed a sponsorship agreement with the Global Ocean Race 2011-12 in order to promote their exciting new Class40 production boat – the KIWI 40FC. Based in New Zealand, BTBoats Ltd has been created to market and distribute this exciting New Zealand-designed and New Zealand-built Class40 production yacht.

Farr Yacht Design Ltd and Cookson Boats have been commissioned to provide the design and construction solutions for the yacht with the first KIWI 40FC boats due to be launched in August 2010 for sea-trials in New Zealand.

Josh  Hall, Global Ocean Race Director commented:

“We welcome BTBoats Ltd as a partner sponsor for the race. We already have one KIWI 40FC – an anonymous entry at this stage – signed-up to compete and we know that numerous potential entries are very keen to secure a KIWI 40FC for the race.”

Cookson Boats are building the KIWI 40FC at the company’s Auckland facility where construction of the moulds has already started. Co-founder and Marketing Manager of BTBoats Ltd, Lapo Ancillotti, will be the project co-ordinator. Lapo has a long and successful history of collaboration with Farr Yacht Design Ltd and Cookson Boats. He said:

“We at BTBoats Ltd are closely involved with the Global Ocean Race 2011-12 and we are very pleased to endorse this incredible event which will also provide the ultimate racing platform for our KIWI 40FC.”

Skipper interest in the KIWI 40FC is high and details of the boat can be viewed at