Extreme 40 Will Headline Extreme Sailing Series for 3 More Years.

OC Events have also announced that the Extreme 40 will be the boat of choice for the Extreme Sailing Series Europe for the next 3 years, however the promoters have not ruled out other classes joining the series in a supporting role. The announcement was made as OC Events confirmed that the series would return to Kiel in Germany, one of the most popular stops on the tour for spectators.

[cleeng_content id=”798128980″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]The idea of leveraging the infrastructure required to put on an event like the Extreme Sailing Series across multiple classes makes a lot of sense. The marginal cost to the promoters is outweighed by a more entertaining programme for spectators and the ability for sponsors to get greater exposure. Just as F1 races are supported by GP2 and other motorsport events run several championships in a weekend, so too can sailing create a better platform in this manner.

Confirming the Extreme 40 catamaran as “the boat of choice for the main act” of the Extreme Sailing Series until spring 2013, also provides long term stability for the teams and boat owners. This reduces risk for sponsors who are looking to activate their promotions over several seasons.

OC Events have had ideas about turning the series into a more mass market product for a while, but the entrepreneurial element may have been constrained by previous title sponsors iShares. The new rebranding allows for the showcasing of other exciting, tv-friendly classes that appeal to perhaps a younger audience. Classes like the foiling Moth have been suggested, but the Extreme Series could support boats like the 18ft skiffs or even windsurfing and kiteboarding. OC Group CEO Mark Turner has also suggested creating a festival event including music acts to make the event more attractive to host cities.

Event Director for OC Events, Gilles Chiorri said:

“We have seen how the Extreme 40 racing can engage the general public and VIPs through their accessibility and easy to race format close to shore, and we’d like to extend the entertainment to include other exciting boats or watercrafts, from foiling Moths to some of the new hi-tech smaller multihulls or any class that is particularly strong at a particular venue, We will keep our minds open to any opportunity to add this kind of racing around the main act of the Extreme 40s, that can deliver more entertainment and encourage even better footfall to our events.”

The decision to take the Extreme Sailing Series out of  Kiel Week and create a standalone event will be a good test for the series. Though 80,000 spectators turned out for the Extreme 40 racing as part of the historic regatta, it will be interesting to see how the circuit can attract fans in its own right. Creating two weeks of sailing instead of one should be good news for the venue.

Commenting on the return of the circuit, Lord Mayor Torsten Albig from the northern maritime land capital said:

“KIEL.SAILING CITY is already internationally renowned for hosting one of the world’s most famous sailing regattas, Kieler Woche, so to welcome again another top level professional event to the calendar is fantastic news.”

The Kiel-Marketing Team, which masterminded branding the city as an international sailing venue, has developed an excellent working relationship with OC Events, promoting and marketing the event across Germany and supporting it with infrastructure for the teams and VIP hospitality. Uwe Wanger, managing director of Kiel-Marketing said,

“With OC Events as a partner, we again look forward to a spectacular sailing event and we welcome all the international teams, their partners and guests visiting Kiel. We urge companies and institutions to use this unique platform to invite customers and present themselves to the German public in a setting of world class sports.”

The 2010 Extreme Sailing Series Calendar is now confirmed, with more days racing than ever before:

  • Sète, France 27-30 May
  • Cowes, United Kingdom 31 July-5 August
  • KIEL.SAILING CITY, Germany 26-29 August
  • Trapani, Italy 23-26 September
  • Almería, Spain 9-12 October

Further information about Kiel Sailing City is available at www.kiel-sailing-city.de[/cleeng_content]