Marinepool teams up with Sofia Bekatorou

With the London 2012 Olympics getting closer, deals are starting to be done with Olympic teams around the world. While this site concentrates on professional yacht racing outside of the Olympic classes, the fact is that being an Olympic sport has a huge impact on the way sailing as a sport works. A huge percentage of ISAF’s revenue comes from the IOC and as such dictates many of the policies and procedures around the world.

[cleeng_content id=”121909174″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Olympic sailing is more likely to appeal to a larger audience due to its nationalistic nature, and as such provides sponsors with mass market exposure that most non-olympic sailing can never hope to achieve.

Marinepool is has announced a 4 year partnership with Greek sailing superstar Sofia Bekatorou and her team.

Sofia Bekatorou was the Olympic gold medallist in Athens 2004, Olympic bronze medallist of Beijing 2008, manifold world and european champion, two-fold Rolex ISAF sailor of the year.

Marinepool is very glad that Sofia and her crew joined the Marinepool team and has signed a cooperation agreement until the end of 2013, thus including the preparation and the London Olympic Games 2012. Bekatorou has changed from the Yngling, in which she won bronze at the Beijing Olympic Games and is now sailing the new Olympic match race class Elliott 6m. In her debut on the Marinepool squad she showed her class immediately. While she was not taking part in the Worldcup start of 2010 in Miami, she started with an impressive win at the Athens Eurolymp regatta into the season, a great result against an international panel including the highly regarded Dutch and Russian teams.

Sofia will bring her vast experience into the product development of new technical lines for ladies and – as a young mother – shows also special interest in the development of technical gear for children.[/cleeng_content]