Audi Med Cup Announces Live Streaming. 1

A couple of weeks back, the SportBusiness New Media conference made a big deal about a game of football that was streamed live. People who follow football, especially the national team just expect that the game will be shown on live television, even if it’s restricted to pay channels. For more niche sporting events, like the majority of sailing, technology now allows for events to be delivered via the internet to a small but loyal audience.

In fact, the lack of live TV coverage has forced the sport of sailing to innovate. Sailing has seen the delivery of live audio commentary, live text blogging and even live 3D animated racing.

The Audi MedCup Circuit is one event that believes investment in cutting edge technology and innovation and improved access to the action delivers benefits to fans and sponsors. In 2010, will stream a daily 4 hours programme with live action. The first Audi MedCup TV programme, to start on May the 12th.

The Circuit is a good example of how incremental technology has made the experience better for the remote viewer. In 2006 there were live mark by mark ticker text updates, in 2008 and 2009 there was live audio commentary and ‘Virtual Eye’ real time tracking.

The 2010 Audi MedCup Circuit will be streamed direct to internet viewers including dockside interviews, pre and post race analysis. As well as, the feed will be sydicated through SailTV.

Content will be created by Sunset+Vine|APP who will be beam video from a stabilised camera on a TV catamaran which has unrivalled access to the fleet. There will be continuous commentary in two languages and expert comment. On board cameras will add to the racing action as well as aerial coverage. The action will be mixed at the venue broadcast centre, cut with supporting Virtual Eye 3-D animation.

Andrew Preece, Audi MedCup executive television producer explains:

“We are looking to really be able to drill into what is going on on the race course and highlight and explain in simple terms what is happening and why, what is interesting about each race. It will be essentially a sporting programme, but we aim to unravel the action, so that the action become more easily understood and accessible to a new sailing audience.”

Mark David, SailTV CEO says

“We are excited about the Audi MedCup TV package. There is certainly already an established audience, but a lot of how the audience develops and grows will be about people getting used to and trusting the technology. And of course as more sailing becomes available on the internet, so the audience is growing all.”

The Portugal Trophy, Cascais (May, 11-16) will be the first event running this new, ambitious and exciting feature. The first Audi MedCup TV programme will start at 1250 CET on May the 12th.