bluQube Crew Join Katie Miller for Ladies Who Launch Challenge.

Katie Miller, backed by title sponsor, bluQube will enter the 2010 Ladies Who Launch Channel Challenge to raise funds for Help for Heroes and to recognise and celebrate women’s contributions to sailing. bluQube’s crew will include Katie as skipper together with her sister Sophie Miller and Jane Waghorn & Laurie McNeill both from sponsor bluQube.

Katie Miller commented,

“This is a marvellous opportunity for ladies to really get a feel for what sailing’s all about and to prove that we can do it! Crossing the channel is no pleasure cruise, you have to think about shipping, fog and the thought of losing sight of land for 6 hours. When I heard about the event I jumped at the chance of taking part. Not only am I obviously really keen to champion the sport and encourage as many women as possible to take it up, at the same time it’s great to be able to support such a worth cause such as Help for Heroes. To make it even more fun, I’ve told the crew that we’ll try and re-create the same conditions as my Ostar trip last year, so I’ll be waking them all up every 40 minutes and insisting that we feast on freeze dried food until we reach Cherbourg!”

bluQube’s Jane Waghorn who is taking part in the event together with colleague Laurie McNeill (pictured) explained why she was tempted to get involved,

“This really represented a once in a lifetime opportunity which was hard to resist. I’m not relishing the early start (3 am) but I’m really to looking forward to working as part of team, making a contribution and understanding how the boat works, rather than just being a passenger and having it sailed for you. As a sponsor it’s also great to accompany Katie, so we can empathise what it’s like for her when she’s away on longer solo voyages. For me, Cherbourg is far enough and will certainly test my comfort zone. Above all though, I will be looking forward to the huge sense of achievement when we finish, knowing that we’ve done it on our own and raised money for a great cause.”

Event organiser Laurie Bates commented,

“Ladies Who Launch was inspired by all the ladies who take to the sea, often in their husband’s boats as their crew: fetching fenders, grabbing lines, filling the galley, entertaining the children over long passages, who I felt, warranted recognition. However, with the wonderful achievements of Ellen Macarthur, Dee Caffari, our Olympic Stars, and now Katie Miller and other skilled and ambitious women who are taking on the challenges of the ocean matching evenly with their male competitors, this really has become something to be celebrated!”

A total of 10 boats will depart from Lymington early 29 May and set off through Hurst Narrows. The fleet will include Aquarius Ventures, Laurella Jo, Ear to Eternity, Nooka, White Heather, Nellie of Hythe, bluQube, Ellie, Crossjack VI and Molly II. The organisers anticipate arrival in Cherbourg at 1600h, in time for a celebratory pontoon drink and dinner later. In case of foul weather a route is planned to sail out of Lymington, take the Nab Tower to port and return to Southampton, Ocean Village. This should cover the same distance as a Channel crossing but in more protected waters.

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