Match Race Germany Delivers Tourism Revenue to Local Economy.

We’re always interested in stories that help to understand the impact of the sport of sailing on the wider economy. For an increasing number of governments and tourism organisations, hosting a competitive sailing event is a requirement to promote marine based tourism and stimulate local economies – either though spending by competitors and participants, and to a lesser degree spectators. The increase in the amount of event footage broadcast through new channels like the internet gives host cities wide recognition.

Organisers of Match Race Germany believe that the annual event delivers €750,000 to the Langenargen economy. The numbers have been released to show the value to host cities of staging a round of the ISAF World Match Racing Tour.

Frank Jost, Director of Tourism for the City of Langenargen, has seen the development of Match Race Germany into today’s established world class event which caters to both the sailors and the spectators.  The match racing event has diversified since its inception with the introduction of a marine festival for the tourists. The on-shore programme is tailored to the fans with live music in the evening transforming the atmosphere and enhancing the cultural programme on offer. The event also allows for sailing infrastructure to be maintained throughout the year.

While the report highlights the three quarters of a million euro revenue benefits of Match Race Germany, it does not reveal corresponding investment required, so it is difficult to determine the return on investment for the town, but in 2010 live streaming of the racing via the internet will allow brand Langerargen to be seen by a wider audience.

The audience won’t be as big as the hyperbolic claims of the World Match Racing Tour, who continue to promote meaningless statements like:  ‘a television reach of over 2.1 billion households in excess of 183 countries.’ There can’t be many sponsors or marketing people who still use such hypothetical metrics to make investments. Using the same logic, this website has a reach of 1,800,000,000 internet users.

Match Race Germany will however be covered by television stations such as ZDF, SWR and Regio TV. Match Race Germany’s communication partner, Alcatel Lucent and local hosting partner Teledata will be working together to promote the competition and further increase the profile of this upcoming sporting destination and live blogger Mark Chisnell will be back on the keyboard.

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