Match Race Germany Offers Live Streaming for Fans.

It has been fairly well documented that one of the success factors of Amazon is its ability to satisfy the ‘long tail’. Traditional bookshops are restricted by space and couldn’t hold every title, so category managers have to make decisions about which titles might be interesting to consumers.

The same could be said for sports media. In an old world with 5 channels and only 24 hours in a day, the total amount of content that could be broadcast was 120 hours and so producers had to decide what people might want to watch. It’s little surprise that niche sports like sailing would be cut out of this mix, but in a world with infinite channels – where every page of every website can be a delivery portal – latent demand can suddenly be measured.

What’s not so clear is what the business models are.

Today, the World Match Racing Tour begins it’s second round of 2010 in Germany. The series is spending money on providing fans with content. Writer, Mark Chisnell is once again live blogging in text form and the event is also being streamed. While the series is in ‘build awareness’ mode, the strategy seems to be – get it out there. But rights holders are finding that the latent demand is there and sailing fans are demanding more and more.

In 2009, the only way to follow Match Race Germany was being there. In 2010, the live blog gives up to the second updates, but even during Flight 1, on a dreary grey Thursday, fans were asking via the comment system – where is the tracking? Where is the stream? The expectations have been set and sailing fans are expecting a lot.

Watch the ‘Live’ Stream from Germany*

* Streaming from 14:00