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  • Go Cam! RT @cameronclewis: In Rome for 34th America's Cup Press Conference. See 0630 ET in USA. Or 1230 Italian time. #
  • RT @dmfreedom: New blog: On Twitter, Brands and 'Most People'. #
  • We'll be following and commenting on the America's Cup Press Conference at and on Twitter using #AC34 – 11:30 GMT #
  • Andrew Campbell announces sponsorship deal with Go Raise Green. #
  • Apparently the #AC34 Press Conference is waiting for the Mayor of Rome to arrive before they start. #
  • Teams will create a new AC Boat. Television will be transformed. There will be an annual series (LVT) #AC34 #
  • Coutts "we want to talk to experts who haven't been asked for input before." Fans and TV Execs. Boat will be designed for TV ! #AC34 #
  • There will be a new AC Class. It needs to be fast and it needs to be exciting. More physical action than AC32 not full of strategists. #AC34 #
  • Coutts: Looking at concept designs for both monohulls and Multihulls. #AC34 #
  • Coutts: New boat needs to be Green, distinctive as AC class, able to sail in 3knts to 30knts of wind. #AC34 #
  • Retweeting @antipodeon: #AC34 going after TV Money. Larry Ellison does for Sailing what Kerry Packer did for Cricket? #
  • Coutts: Next America's Cup will be 2013 or 2014 #AC34 #
  • Coutts: "Regular series in new boats could start in 2012 in partnership with the WSTA" #ac34 #
  • #AC34 line of the day "The teams will decide." What if the teams are split down the middle? #
  • Coutts and Onorato won' t rule out sailing in Rome. #AC34 #
  • Russell Coutts in favour of a Nationality rule for the America's Cup, however may discourage access to new markets. #AC34 #
  • Coutts would rather have 8-10 competitive teams than many teams that are not as closely matched. #AC34 #
  • Cam Lewis wrapping up the America's Cup conference in Rome. More Questions raised than answered. Lots of decision by committee coming. #AC3 #

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