Thrane & Thrane Renew Volvo Ocean Race Sponsorship Deal.

Much of the success of the Volvo Ocean Race is due to the way in which it delivers media content. Placing locked-off cameras on the top of hills and pointing them at a match racing course is one thing, but getting HD video off a Volvo 70 doing 30 kts in the middle of nowhere is another challenge altogether. The technology that has delivered the content for the last two editions of the Volvo Ocean Race will play a large part again with Thrane & Thrane announcing that it will play a vital role in delivering the close-up, onboard action.

[cleeng_content id=”623222505″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]The Copenhagen based company has signed up to become Official Sponsor of Satellite and Radio Communications Equipment for the third consecutive race. The agreement means that Thrane & Thrane’s latest generations of SAILORĀ® FleetBroadband and VHF equipment will be onboard every cutting-edge Volvo Open 70 as they line up in Alicante for the start of the race in October 2011.

Knut Frostad, Volvo Ocean Race CEO said:

“We have once again selected Thrane & Thrane to provide a comprehensive communications package for the teams, based on the support and faultless performance of the SAILOR equipment in the previous two races. We need the latest and best technology to ensure our vision and commitment of bringing the extreme offshore racing to a global TV and web audience. In this context we’re delighted to have Thrane & Thrane back onboard, and we’re confident that their latest FleetBroadband and VHF solutions will facilitate unmatched broadband and safety communication to the racing crews.”

The scope of supply for the 2011-2012 race includes new generation products. With the World’s first 2nd generation FleetBroadband antenna, the in-house developed SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband will be the central communication hub for each race team. From upload of race footage, reports and interviews for television and web, to download of weather data vital for competitive navigation performance, all of the teams will benefit from true broadband communication along the entire course around the globe.

The teams will also benefit from the compact SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband for crew voice calling and IP data whilst two SAILOR mini-C systems will be onboard for constant positioning data and global safety communication.

Walther Thygesen, CEO, Thrane & Thrane said:

“The Volvo Ocean Race really is about Life at the Extreme so we relish the challenge of putting our equipment through its paces once again. It is the ultimate test platform and we receive invaluable and immediate feedback from the crews, which has made Volvo Ocean Race an integral part of our product development process. Our products have performed consistently successful during the two previous races and if the SAILOR products can withstand such an ultimate test, then their credentials as the toughest most reliable communications equipment for all maritime applications are well deserved.”

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